Witham IDBs Environmental Training Morning

On 25th March, 2015, Witham First District, Witham Third District and Upper Witham IDBs held an Environmental Training Morning at Doddington Hall. A number of our partner organisations were invited to present at the event which was aimed predominantly at members of our three Boards. Presentations were made by Samantha Ireland, Martin Shilling, Barney Parker (Ashfiled Environment Services), Amy Bouic (Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership), Fiona McKenna (Lincolnshire Rivers Trust) and David Hutchinson (Environment Agency). ADA Lincolnshire Branch’s Chairman (Norman Osborne) and the Chairman of ADA Lincolnshire Branch’s Environment Committee (Peter Lundgren) also attended the session.

Presentations covered a range of topics including:

– Eel Regulations Compliance

– Countryside Stewardship Schemes and implications for IDBs

– Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership

– Witham Partnership

– Water Framework Directive and implications for IDBs


Presentations were followed by a group brainstorming session, from which there were a number of key points including:

– Improving reporting of environmental work

– Identifying key areas for projects, for example:

– Wildflower meadow planting with schools at Meadow Lane, North Hykeham

– Identifying locations to trial maintenance regimes, for example cutting alternate sides on alternate years.

– Looking for opportunities to work with landowners on joint initiates

– Better promoting environmental projects and initiatives

– Understanding the financial and operational implications of Eel Passability studies.


To view the presentations, please click on the links below:

Eels Regulation Compliance Update

Maintenance of Watercourses

Countryside Stewardship Schemes and Implications for IDBs

GLNP presentation

Water Framework Directive and implications for IDBs