Winter Maintenance Programme

The Board is undertaking its winter programme of de-silting maintained drains again this coming winter. The work will begin after the 1st November this year. Those affected have already received Notices from the Board and further contact will be made with them with regard to access and the order in which the drains are worked.

The material that is removed from the channel bed will be left to drain on the adjacent strip and, where requested, spread on the adjacent land after harvest 2017. Some land owners prefer to work the deposited material themselves so that their work/drilling programmes are not delayed.

The watercourses that will benefit from winter maintenance this coming season (2017-18) are listed below:

Sleaford Drove Dyke
Digby Beck North Branch
Main Engine Drain – Heighington Fen
Dorrington Bankside

The work planned includes de-silting of the channel bed to reinstate the original drain profile, the repairing of slips and the removal of bushes and trees that will be obstructing access for the Board’s plant and machinery. Formal Notices have been sent to the occupiers of the land to which entry will be required and advising those opposite the intended working that work will be undertaken during the winter months.

 The following is a list of the drains that were de-silted last winter (2016-17):